• Qiao Family Compound
  • Qiao Family Compound - Located sixty kilometers (37.3 miles) south of Taiyuan, the provincial capital, and some twenty kilometers (12.4 miles) north of Pingyao

    Qiao Family CompoundQiao Family Compound History

    Made famous by the Zhang Yimou film, “Raise the Red Lantern,” starring Gong Li, the Qiao Family Compound was built in 1756 during the reign of the Emperor Qianlong (1711 - 1799) in the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911). Qiao Guifa was an orphan who had made his living as a servant. He began a small tea and bean curd business. It was from this that the family’ wealth originated. It was under Qiao Zhiyong that the family saw its “golden age.” This extensive Qing dynasty courtyard complex is massive, covering an area of 8,725 square meters (about two acres), and containing 6 large courtyards, 20 smaller ones, and 313 rooms. The roofs are all connected and a high, parapet wall surrounds the complex, making defense and protection easier and more efficient.

    Qiao Family Compound Travel Tips

    Getting there: From Taiyuan take a small bus to the village of Dongguan in Qi County, a journey of approximately one hour (50 km). A day trip can include other sights in the area such as the Yantao Temple, the Nine Gorges Scenic Area, the Qu Family Compound as well as the Ancient Ming and Qing Streets which can be found in neighbouring towns.

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